CozyMole is your dependable source for high quality, practical outdoor clothing for children and all the family including waterproofs, fleeces, walking boots and UV wear for kids. Our functional, fashionable and durable products combined with competitive prices and great customer service set us apart from other suppliers. Latest News: We currently have some massive reductions on many winter and snowsport products so you can get some great gear at fantastic prices, delivered fast.
Featured Products
Didriksons Biggles Zip Mittens

Didriksons Biggles Zip Mittens£13.95  -  £15.95

Didriksons Biggles Cap

Didriksons Biggles Cap£12.60  -  £17.60

Didriksons Tirian Kids Coverall

Didriksons Tirian Kids Coverall£130.00   £77.95

Didriksons Sogne Kids Coverall

Didriksons Sogne Kids Coverall£200.00   £99.95

Didriksons Kure Kids Parka

Didriksons Kure Kids Parka£49.95  -  £59.95

Didriksons Slaskeman Set

Didriksons Slaskeman Set£19.95  -  £31.95

Didriksons Celine Womens Parka

Didriksons Celine Womens Parka£250.00   £124.95

Didriksons Biggles Galon Cap

Didriksons Biggles Galon Cap£18.00   £14.40