HI-TEC V-Lite Altitude Ultra Luxe Low WPi ion-mask - Ladies

HI-TEC V-Lite Altitude Ultra Luxe Low WPi ion-mask - Ladies
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CozyMole says:

When HI-TEC released the revised Altitude Ultra Luxe, they also released a 'Low' version of the very popular ion-mask boot. This nubuck shoe retains the Vibram sole, super-comfortable fit and ion-mask technology which made the original so popular. Very high quality soft leather is used in the construction of this boot, which continues HI-TEC's 'instant comfort' philosophy.
See HI-TEC's website for the low down on how this works, but it works even better than a mole's fur - water just beads-up and rolls off the surface of the boots. And unlike conventional waterproof treatments, ion-mask penetrates the material so waterproofing does not degrade with abrasion. Breathability is unaffected, making the boots less clammy than some much more expensive products using proprietary membranes. Smoket Brown/Taupe nubuck leather. Great value product from HI-TEC.


Manufacturer's Comments on this Product:

ion-mask - Wet Is Dry
The plasma process enables polymers to infuse to the boots on a sub-microscopic scale. This means that every single fibre is given a layer of water repellent polymer only molecules thick.

Furthermore the ion-mask process means the fibres on even open weave materials become repellent and therefore non-absorbent.

Enhancing every fibre, not just the outer layer, means that the entire shoe (inside and out) is treated. This elliminates the need for a waterproof membrane or 'booty construction' so the shoe is as breathable after the process as before.

The shoe is also lighter, approx 35g for a mid-cut UK8, than its membrane equivalent. In fact, unlike a membrane construction, the treated shoe will not gain weight when used in wet conditions as the material no longer retains water.

Stay Clean
By rejecting water, the shoe also stays much cleaner because the particles of dirt carried by the water do not adhere to the shoe. Over time, especially with suede, nubuck and open weave materials, this makes a big difference to the cleanliness of the material.


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