Manbi Safe Step Ice Grips
Manbi Safe Step Ice Grips

Manbi Safe Step Ice Grips

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CozyMole says:

The Manbi Safe Step Ice Grips are a great way to give yourself some better underfoot grip on icey and snowy surfaces. They consist of a pair of stretch fit rubber grippers each with 6 tungsten carbide studs. By concentrating your body weight onto these very hard studs they bear enough pressure onto the ice to give you a positive grip which will be far better than a conventional sole. There's four sizes to choose from, and they are compatible with most shoes (although they may not fit all shoes). And, naturally, the shoes in the product image are not included.

Manufacturer's Comments on this Product:

  • Tungsten Carbide studs
  • Sizes: S (UK J11.5-3.5, EU 30-36); M (UK 3.5-7.5, EU 36-41); L (UK 5.5-11.5, EU 39-46); XL (UK 10.5-13, EU 45-48).
  • WARNING: This product is designed for outdoor use only, and may damage internal flooring such as tiles, laminate, carpets, wood. While Safe Step Ice Grips aid traction when walking on icy surfaces they cannot prevent all slips and falls. Always take extra care when walking on icy surfaces.