CozyMole Sizing Help

We want you to order the correct size of garment, and like all other clothing on the market sizes do vary between manufacturers. Many products have a link to the manufacturer's sizing information via a link which is adjacent to the product information:


Also, please check the product description text for any sizing comments which we have added.

We are happy to assist customers who are unsure of the correct size. We would rather spend a little time assisting you to do this as it will save both yourself and ourselves time and expense in the event of selecting the wrong size. If you can't be certain of your size from the information available, just give us a call or email us. If we also can't be certain of the correct size we'll assist by measuring the desired garment so that you can compare dimensions with a similar product you currently have which you know to be a good fit. Please note that we are not able to measure footwear (e.g. for cm foot length) as the measurement technique can mean that we may get a very different measurement to you on the same product and the exercise is likely to be more confusing than helpful.

If you can't see the size you want on the site then we may be out of stock - please call or email for availability.